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Japan and The Bomb

I can’t believe that the Japanese Defence Minister had to resign because he publicly said he understands why the US dropped the atom bomb in 1945. Talk about hysteria. This only highlights the fact that the Japanese live in a bubble of ignorance

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Security Housekeeping

It is natural that people want to be done with the Iraq mess and withdraw our forces. But alas this will not make our problems go away. History does not stand still. Every way of life is eventually challenged. Our

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Primitive Tribalism

There is no justification for the attack on Bali. It is primitive tribalism. The victims are seen as fair game by these murderers, just because, by accident of birth, they are raised in a different religion. It is only because

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Excuses for Violence

I think we might be making a mistake looking for rational or moral justifications for the deliberate blowing up of innocent citizens around the world. Have we forgotten that there are plain, old-fashioned anti-socials in every society? If you work

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Spying Reality

I shake my head (sideways) at the mega hype about the “failure” of the spy agencies to discern that Saddam had no WMD. There’s an indignant implication that any decent spy agency would necessarily know what a potential enemy was

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A Lie Is A Deliberate Deceit

It bothers me that our potential foreign minister Kevin Rudd is going around calling people liars who held that Saddam had WMD. I don’t know any adult, aware of Saddam’s track record, who at the time did not believe he

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Blair and His Enemies

Blair’s enemies are trying to get him on the issue of the lack of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) found in Iraq. Howard’s enemies would like to do the same. But there are two glaring fallacies in most of the

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Guns In The US

Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine deserves its Documentary of the Year award – for revealing a distinctly American problem. But I think a false conclusion is being widely drawn from the true data it presents. Yes, US citizens do shoot each other

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A Good War

The invasion of Iraq was successful. Regime change was achieved. The Iraqis are better off. The world is better off. The war-caused deaths are much fewer than the Saddam-caused deaths. But Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) have not yet been

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War of Conquest

We ask why? But we in the West have grown so accustomed to tolerance and multiculturalism that we have already forgotten one of the oldest reasons for war – conquest! We are still the same species that spawned the Romans,

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No Victory In Afghanistan

The PM of NZ, like many others is, reluctant to send fighting troops to Afghanistan because (a) there’s no sign of victory and (b) the government seems dodgy. During “peacetime”, people are upset by the loss of even a few

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Call A War A War

There are always grievances in this world: between countries, classes, races, tribes, neighbours and friends. And there are various ways of expressing, discussing and resolving these grievances. Randomly blowing up civilians is not one of them. This is an act

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