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To:  The AGE,  The AUSTRALIAN,  The HERALD-SUN Dear Editor, WHO IS CONNING WHOM? The climate alarmist scientists say we can’t burn coal because it will cause global warming.  Our governments back this doctrine and close Australia’s coal-fired power stations – dramatically

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Passport Barrier

27 countries of Europe have opened their borders to each other, despite their big populations, different languages and history of wars. Why then do Australia and New Zealand still have the tedious passport barrier?

Sharing The Planet

Apparently, the Netherlands set aside about 1% of their GDP for foreign aid. And I hear that the people would not allow their government to reduce the rate. Australia gives about 0.3%. I believe that most Australians are also embarrassed about the

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Find True Cause

[To the AUSTRALIAN] Your correspondent Ben Brooker (Letters, 14 June) seems to have misunderstood the point Christopher Pearson was making about global warming. No one that I am aware of is denying that global warming will occur. What is at

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Boyish Bluster

Bob Brown’s breathless berating of Bush (Australian, 29 July) is boyish bluster. It sounds like an adolescent protest – all attitude and no substance. Why is Brown obsessed by such trivial matters as Howard and Bush posing for the cameras

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Maltreatment of Iraqi Prisoners

The maltreatment of Iraqi prisoners by US soldiers is an evil for the individuals involved. But on a wider perspective, there is a good consequence from the publication of those prison abuse photos. The revelations eliminate the oppressive fiction that

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Vive Democracy!

Sadly, no country or culture is free of crime and perversion – be it the US, Iraq, Muslim, Christian or anything else. It is long proven that humans cannot be trusted with prisoners – without a vigilant system of accountability.

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Worldwide Action Needed

It is a mistake to assume that hit-and-run assassins – like the Madrid terrorists – must have a noble motive. What decent person would support the Saddam regime? Don’t forget there are many malcontents in this world – such as

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Abu Bakar Bashir

The Australian exclusive If you have reported his words accurately, Abu Bakar Bashir must be a mad man or a bad man, and his advice should not be followed. He says terrorist killing of civilians is not violence if it is

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Osama’s Motives

I have heard some pretty convoluted conspiracy theories about what America is doing in the Middle East? But more challenging I find is to understand the motives of Osama and his followers. What have the Osamas achieved so far? In

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Koreans Eating Dogs

(This issue arose when Korea hosted the Soccer World Cup.) We cannot fairly condemn Koreans for eating dogs, since we eat pigs and other animals which could be raised as pets. Our only grounds for criticism would be if there

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Suicide bombers

Suicide bombers be warned. You are being deceived. God will not reward you. One who goes out to kill travelers or shoppers or holidaymakers is an assassin, not a martyr. Those who urge you to do this are not driven

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New Olympic Idea

The Olympic Games have grown into an organisational juggernaut that only large, rich, hi-tech cities can hope to accommodate, and only so many people can attend.  More modest cities and lower-income sports-fans are squeezed out.  It’s time for a change

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Amazon Jungle

Our species is threatened by atmospheric pollution.  Saving the Amazon forest would be a major step towards our survival.  The solution: let the world buy the jungle, and let it grow as a UN territory, a trekkers-only paradise. Poor and

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Anzac for Everyone

I attended the dawn service and Anzac day parade.  I felt the whole exercise was healing for those who had lived through the wars and had lost mates or loved ones. At the end though, I felt sad for the

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Youth Depression

We must get to the underlying causes, say the politicians when there is a yet another traumatic report of youth homicide/suicide.  What are the warning signs, they ask. Depression, isolation, fascination with violence, activities unknown to parents, say the psychologists. 

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