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Same-Sex Marriage

It’s a bit swift to reduce the same-sex marriage debate to an issue of “equality”. A genuine argument from equality would be:  women are people; people have a right to vote; therefore’ women have a right to vote.  But the simplistic argument

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Masculinity Not Redundant

Tim Ferguson’s over-eager renunciation of his manhood (The Age, 9-10 April) in “Masculinity is redundant” is doubly a fantasy. Masculinity cannot be dispensed with. It is hard-wired into half of the human race. Furthermore, the masculine contribution is not limited

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Rebel Children

Most children will respond to verbal interaction. But there are some children who, after hearing all the reasons and negotiations, and perfectly understanding all the talk, still need to find out how far you can actually go in ignoring society’s

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It is horrifying to see a fine young woman reduced to a ghost of herself by the starving syndrome anorexia nervosa. Teenage is a tough time, prone to self-doubt.  The media bombard young people mercilessly with models of correct appearance. 

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Mending Men’s Ways

Most criminals are men.  But most men are not criminals, although some publicity might make you think so. I can well understand anxious women who regard all men as suspect because of their threatening physical and sexual capabilities.  Some women

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Children’s Rights

I have long believed in the UN – our greatest hope for world peace, freedom from hunger, universal human rights . . .  real progress. With distress I feel my hopes receding as I read the recently drafted UN Convention

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Humanising the Final Years

We took our school choir to an old folks home.  The clergyman who organised the event asked the children to mingle with the audience after our eight little songs. I was amazed, and moved, to see that a number of

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Deciding To Take The Risk

The taboo against men touching children (Herald Sun, July 26) is an evil thing.  I have a large family and run a small school.  My life includes many important relationships with children. I have had to think hard about my

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Snagging Snags

My heart goes out to the young women who are trying to snag SNAGs (“sensitive new age guys”, Herald-Sun, 21/11).  My worry is how many willing chaps there are out there for them.  Today’s menacing marital gauntlet of hair-trigger separation,

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Treatment of Homosexuals

It is high time we stopped tormenting people who were born somewhere between the standard hetero male and the standard hetero female. There are a great many cases where it is plainly obvious to the human senses that despite their

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Smacking or Doping?

Justice Nicholson wants laws to deter parents from smacking children. Are such laws desirable? Is such a regime even possible? With most children the issue doesn’t arise, but what about the others? Some people are pointing to the school system

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