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The Australian The federal government’s big school-funding spend will produce no improvement in Australian education.  It’s simply a handout, with no strings attached.  And it is not, as some have claimed, “needs based”.  Multi-millionaire families attending high-achieving state schools in

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1. Who Pays for Schooling? Taxpayers of Australia are giving $26 billion each year for the schooling of children. This money is being badly spent. The way our schools are funded: (1) distributes money unfairly (2) denies parents rights (3)

Conning The Punters

I cannot get the following letter published – even though I have tried for many years.  Is it because the journalists themselves do not understand the simple deceit that is being used?  Are journalists themselves conned by the constant propaganda

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Self-governing State Schools

I am responding to your article on state schools needing adequate toilets and classrooms (April 26). I sympathise with the principal, having run a school budget myself for 25 years. But there’s something the public should know about the billions

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Gaps in Ladder

Latham says he will take from the ‘rich’ schools and give to the ‘poor’ schools. But schools do not make profits. He talks about schools instead of talking about the incomes of the families who use them. He gives 100%

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Catholics Are People Too

There is no justification for providing an inferior level of government funding for the schooling of the 20% of the children whose parents happen to be Catholics.

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Funding Is Not Needs-based

Labor’s announcement that it’s “…very clear we’ll be funding [schools] on the basis of need” is misleading. In reality, they will provide 100% funding less for anyone using a Catholic school, and less again for those in independent schools. The

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The letter The Age published from Dr Korb on Saturday, protesting that public school funding has been “bled” to other schools, only goes to show that even educated people are taken in by the deceitful campaign of the Australian Education Union to

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Trick Figures

I read an editorial recently, complaining that “more federal money is being allocated to private schools ($7.6b) than to state schools ($7.2b)”. But these are trick figures. You have to know to underline the word federal. The real figures include another

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