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Published in the Age   30 November 2015 Most people in the world are born into a religious culture and die in it. Very few adopt a religion or ditch it for theological reasons – study of scriptures, etc. If our


Amongst the many thousands of Muslim new Australians, there are some children whose lives are confined within a narrow Muslim milieu. Some of these hot-house children are exposed to Islamist preaching. Hate-preaching today means blood in the streets tomorrow. Australia

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Religious Freedom

I hope atheist Pamela Bone (Jan 9) realises that most Australian theists support her position that religion must be neither suppressed nor promoted by the state.  Religion reaches into the realm of the non-obvious, so there are inevitably many versions. On top

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How Can God Allow It?

Frank B. Walker (Letters, 3 Jan 2005) asks how you can have a tsunami with an all-knowing and all-powerful God. Well, obviously you could. The real question is, how could such a God be benevolent? All humans face injury, illness

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Passion of Christ

Some say Mel Gibson’s movie Passion of Christ could stir anti-Jewish feeling. I’d rather like to share a reaction I’ve had since boyhood to the slogan “The Jews killed Christ!” Let’s assume religious authorities 2000 years ago did get the occupying Romans

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Mullah’s Aims

What are the ultimate aims of those mullahs that encourage the suicide bombers? I have heard some pretty fancy conspiracy theories about what America is doing in the Middle East. But it is even more challenging to work out the

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Don’t Blame Religion

Some are saying religion is the main cause of discord and bloodshed in the world. I question this. In the century just passed, Nazism, Stalinism and Maoism – none religious – scored three top places for innocents brought to an

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High Moral Ground

It is inspiring to see the young demonstrators renew the call for a caring and sharing world. God knows, we are still far from it. But let’s not waste their good will by simply pitying their ignorance. If we elders,

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Every Seventh Day

I am not a Jew. But I have come to realise that the idea of the Sabbath Day is brilliant. The most widespread fault in the lives of people I know (myself included) is the “ratrace” effect – which does in

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Religious Politics

I agree with both sides of the argument as to whether religious leaders should comment publicly on issues of social justice. They should preach good goals, but not pretend to have special insight as to the means for achieving those

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