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Court of Public Opinion

Politicians must take care to distinguish public opinion from media advocacy. Prominent media like the Age and the ABC have promoted the view that all science supports climate alarmism.  The federal government mounts the apocalyptic horse, charges into a campaign against

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Balanced Media

Free media are an essential component of democracy.  Letting the people vote is a joke if they don’t have access to key information and diverse opinion on the issues facing their society. But journalists are all partisan to some degree.  As with

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Injured Innocence

I read an Age editorial recently, complaining that “more federal money is being allocated to private schools ($7.6b) than to state schools ($7.2b)”. But these are trick figures. You have to know to underline the word federal. The real figures include

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Reality Check On Scandals

There’s nothing new about intimidating prisoners of war who may have information. Or gloating over the capture of those who have killed your comrades. What’s new is publishing snapshots to the world even as it happens, and thereby engaging the

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Forced to Stir

Boys are suffering in our school system. The vast majority of learning problems, behaviour problems and children under chronic medication are boys. Boys also achieve well below girls in scores needed to enter university. We are creating problems for future

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Reply From Editor-in-Chief, The Age

Dear Mr O’Carroll, Thank you for your letter of 16 April. It seems to me a very large step to take to decide that the paper is totally unbalanced, post-modernist, feminist and socialist, based on the fact that a letter

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Age a Failure

I am disappointed with your level of bias. Everyone understands that The Age is a Labor paper, and that is okay. But the extreme nature of your selection, suppression and chronic spin on news is way below the standard of balance required

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Age Not Independent

In opening the new Age premises, Premier Bracks praised the paper for being independent. Surely he meant independent from anyone outside the Labor party.

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Stories Without Meaning

I hate it when media give us a dramatic story, but no explanation. Rene Rivkin is in jail, they say because of a $325 improper gain using inside information on share values. It’s not the amount, they say, it’s the

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ABC TV’s Four Corners reached a new low on Monday night with its “story” on the St Vincent de Paul Society. There was only about one minute of story in it. Namely, career political lobbyists had taken over the national

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