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Nature, Not Just Nurture

It is only right that the Sex Discrimination Commissioner is showing an interest in men’s health. Health spending on men is way short of that on longer-lived women. Ms Goward is right too in saying that masculinity shortens the average

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Save The Children From The Ideologies

Some schooling gurus have been writing articles lately implying that there is no real difference between boys and girls – that it’s only how you raise them. They conclude from this that it doesn’t matter if there are very few

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Centralised Control Of State Schools

The centralised control of state schools takes power away from teachers and parents and gives it to unions and bureaucracy. The politically correct faction that runs these affects a large portion of the population. One example is their lack of

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Boys’ Education

The school system is failing boys. Most learning problems, most behaviour problems, most failures are boys. Girls significantly outnumber boys at university. We are looking at a growing pool of unemployable and unhappy males. We are creating a painful legacy

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