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Dear Editor, I am shocked by the fact that the High Court has summarily dismissed several members of parliament.  These people were duly elected by the population.  The principle of democracy is held very high in Australian life.  Yes, a 19th century

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No Need For Screws

I read last week that a judge sentenced someone to jail for as long as they live. A scary thought. In the direction of playing God. Cancelling a life. Not quite as utterly as capital punishment, I suppose. Now assuming

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Legalise Compassion

Someone is hurt, possibly by an employee.  You want to help, but the lawyers or insurers warn you not to take responsibility or provide concrete aid  –  lest your action be taken as an admission of guilt. This practice is

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Charity Shackled

[Background: Archbishop Peter Hollingworth was appointed Governor-General of Australia by the PM John Howard. With unseemly haste, efforts were made to drown him in scandal. The grounds used were that he was the head of the Anglican church in Brisbane

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Lobbyists and Locusts

In big headlines, it is reported that aboriginal leader Geoff Clark, chairman of ATSIC, is accused of rape – a socially and politically damaging accusation.  There is a fine line between freedom of the press and trial by media, but this

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Lawsuit Mania

We are making a terrible mistake.  We’re being conned.  We think our new fashion of protesting/reporting/suing organisations is the new democracy  –  the little guy standing up to the big guy. But we are shooting ourselves in the foot.  By

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Pushing Addictions

Since the new casino has opened in Melbourne an awful lot of money has been spent – more than expected, and too much of it by people who can’t afford it. It is not unusual to open a casino, but

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Law On Child Abuse Creates a Monster

The new law on child abuse is wrong. In trying to deal with a monster, it creates another. The law will let a welfare officer take a child by force from his home: the officer need only claim that the

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