Dear Editor, I am shocked by the fact that the High Court has summarily dismissed several members of parliament.  These people were duly elected by the population.  The principle of democracy is held very high in Australian life.  Yes, a 19th century

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To:  The AGE,  The AUSTRALIAN,  The HERALD-SUN Dear Editor, WHO IS CONNING WHOM? The climate alarmist scientists say we can’t burn coal because it will cause global warming.  Our governments back this doctrine and close Australia’s coal-fired power stations – dramatically

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The Age It is a tragedy that once great universities are backing away from freedom of speech (Age, page1, 25/8). I remember as a student 50 years ago, students and staff alike were well aware of conflicting positions.  We took

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Many mature Australians have a wary suspicion of regulations and how they can lead to chaotic, unjust and ridiculous outcomes when applied in the real world.  The issue then becomes: are officials going to be petty-minded pests, or are they

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Herald-Sun It seems that neither party is willing to rein in national debt.  We leave it to our children to suffer the consequences. Perhaps the short-sighted electorate will never again reward a thrifty government with a second term. So, if

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The Australian The federal government’s big school-funding spend will produce no improvement in Australian education.  It’s simply a handout, with no strings attached.  And it is not, as some have claimed, “needs based”.  Multi-millionaire families attending high-achieving state schools in

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The Easy Target

Dear Editor It’s distressing to read about commercial builders knowingly constructing homes doomed to fail (Builder victims, Age, 31 May). And doubly distressing to learn that the Victorian Building Authority is ineffective in cleaning up the industry. And triply distressing


To the Australian, the Age and the Herald-Sun Dear Editor, Our civilisation is making a step forward in including LGBTQIA people as deserving of the same rights and acceptance as other citizens.  But there is still a letter missing –


To the Australian Dear Editor, If I wanted to have a same-sex marriage and have it supported by society, I would feel much more secure if the majority of Australians had voted yes for it.  POC


Sent to Age, Australian and Herald-Sun It is disappointing that NAPLAN results in recent years show no overall improvement 25zmqbj. I am now a grandparent at an inner-suburban community school that scored (for 2015) around 100 points above average in


Sent to the Australian, the Age and the Herald-Sun Dear Editor, I am sorry, but I do not trust the ABS scheme to collect names and addresses along with the data in the coming census. I have three reasons to


Dear Editor,  From now on, any party that promises to return Australia to surplus will be outbid by a rival party that will offer more generous handouts; or blocked by a senate that always wants different cuts.  Thus our democracy,

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Union Aiming to Capture Country Fire Authority

Dear Editor, It is distressing to see both the city and country fire services of Victoria being placed under union control. Certain consequences will sadly follow.  First, the service will cost the public a whole lot more.   Then there will be

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Published in The Herald-Sun, Thursday 14th December 2015 Editor If people disregard traffic lights amidst heavy traffic, they risk others’ lives and deserve to be penalised. But sometimes traffic aids are misused. Let me give an example. My son-in-law was


The investigations into pedophilia in the 70s & 80s make grim reading.  But we have reason to be proud that we live at this time, when Western civilisation has dragged child sex abuse and its concealment into the light.  


Published in the Age   30 November 2015 Most people in the world are born into a religious culture and die in it. Very few adopt a religion or ditch it for theological reasons – study of scriptures, etc. If our

Big Tribe Stomps on Small Tribe

Published: The Australian, 21 Oct 2014 Dear Editor Victorian Labor plans to prevent religious schools from employing people on the basis of their sympathy to the school ethos.  This is worse than the pot calling the kettle black.  The state

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Political Tribalism in Reporting

Published:  Herald-Sun, Thursday, 8 October 2014 GIVE CREDIT GET CREDIT Dear Editor, I speak for most Australians when I say that political reporting becomes really boring when all we get is opposing parties routinely trashing everything that is said or

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Gay Rights

To the Editor, HERALD-SUN PUBLISHED JULY 18 2014 Replying to Bill James (Letters, 17 Jul), I see an awful contradiction in his position on homosexuals.   He recognises that some people are born homosexual, he says he respects homosexuals as people,

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Lessons of History

Published in The Australian — /07/14 Dear Editor, Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.  Over the course of my lifetime, I have witnessed a gradual censorship, whose effect is to legitimise wilful ignorance, unrestrained rhetoric or “spin”,

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Ritalin Schooling

There is at last some debate about the number of children on indefinite prescriptions of mood-altering drugs such as Ritalin. Every so often, to silence the unrest, an “expert” is wheeled out to intone that all these diagnoses are scientifically

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Knowledge of Religion

We teach our students about religion – Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism.  Religion is a powerful factor in the lives of most humans.  To know nothing about it is to be ignorant indeed – a poor basis for future understanding and

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Standard Of Debate

Wow!  Your article on school funding by Chris Middendorp (7 Jan) provides ideal material for a classroom lesson in fallacies of argumentation.  His first dodgy tactic is selective omission.  The only private school that he mentions is a posh (high-fee)

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Decentralise Power

Bring Schools into Real World I never thought I’d be backing a Labor Government policy on the issue of fair opportunity through schooling.  But I fully agree with Education Minister Julia Gillard on her combination remedy for better school performance: 

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Fake Maths

I support the push for better standards of literacy and numeracy in Australia.  So I must comment on the report in Saturday’s AGE stating that 1 in 10 students is below basic standards.  The real figure is much worse.  This

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Merit Promotion

The Brumby government is to be praised for aiming to raise performance incentives in schooling. The standard of schooling in some suburbs denies those children any chance of opportunity through education. The teaching profession needs a boost in status. Under

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Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You

I support Education Minister Gillard in her quest to promote the best teachers. Rewarding performance and keeping the best people in the profession will be a boon for thousands of children. But people should understand that teacher union operators will

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Crushing Diversity

Please print this correction of an article in yesterday’s age (Schools baulk at funds disclosure AGE 7 Nov 2008). I am NOT terrified of a financial audit of Fitzroy Community School. I would be quite happy for the public to

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The Best Superpower

AUSTRALIA’S youth are misled by our education system. Teachers, teacher trainers and lecturers are well to the left of the general population. An anti-US attitude has spread throughout our schools and universities. Add to this the lack of real history

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