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Open Government Accounting

It is hard to believe that it really costs over a billion dollars to upgrade the Melbourne public transport ticketing system. We, the taxpayers of Victoria, are entitled to a prompt investigation by the Auditor-General. If he cannot find reasonable

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Desalination Plant

It’s not much use griping about the costs of a desal plant if you have no other way of guaranteeing water.  The population running dry would be the biggest disaster of all.  Household rain tanks are good, but would empty very

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Public Transport

It’s strange that tram fares are going up when many fares are not even collected. Some 8am trams are so full, they just whiz past.  When one stops, it is sometimes so packed there is no hope of reaching the ticket machine.

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Water for Survival

It is not good enough for the Victorian government to simply pray for rain.  There is absolutely no excuse for running this population out of water.  The Gippsland-Melbourne two-way pipeline sounds good, but with such grand engineering schemes, there is no telling how

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