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National Testing

I agree with many points made by Maureen Douglas (Age, 12 May 2008), but I disagree with her opposition to national standardised testing of literacy and numeracy. Certainly we want more than word and number from schooling, but it is

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Opening A Door

Dear Editor, If I were having a summit for the future, I’d think about social mobility in Australia. There is a simple reform, which could be called Open Door, which would quickly enhance opportunity for many disadvantaged children – with

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Results vs. Methods

Primary schooling is potentially our greatest instrument of equal opportunity.  But the prospects of thousands are squandered by state systems run by and for extreme ideological factions, controlling unions and self-entrenching bureacracy.  The lack of accountability of this multi billion-dollar tax-funded industry is

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Equal Literacy

It is pleasing to read that Australia compares well with other countries on numeracy and literacy. I know a great many highly accomplished young Australians: these must boost the average result. But the problem with our schooling system is the

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Closing Doors

Latham’s plan to reduce funding to high-fee schools is an injustice and a stunt. It solves two electoral problems for him. It delights the envy-driven electors. And in a brazen con, he pretends the redirected dollars will increase excellence in

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Social Mobility

A powerful “socialist left” lobby resides within the state school system hierarchy, and has successfully sold many people on the notion that all education funding should go to their schools – because that’s where the less advantaged children are. Yes,

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