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The Age It is a tragedy that once great universities are backing away from freedom of speech (Age, page1, 25/8). I remember as a student 50 years ago, students and staff alike were well aware of conflicting positions.  We took

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Monopoly No Answer

Richard Teese (Age Opinion, 14 Sept) proposes a wall-to-wall state-run school system that would “concentrate resources” and thus revitalise the quality of education for all.  But this is exactly the rationale behind the failed totalitarian states of last century. He

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MacDonald’s Maths

Dear Editor, I read your article about MacDonald’s free maths online program (Wednesday, October 21).   I shake my head in disbelief to hear the criticism of “free advertising”. The online program is an absolute lifesaver for many maths students –

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National Curriculum

I totally support the position of Tom Alegounarias, president of the NSW Board of Studies, who wants explicit school syllabuses “setting out mandatory knowledge in a systematic course of study” (Australian, 20 May 2009). There are lobbyists who cry that

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School Reform

It is impressive that the PM and the deputy PM have come out and boldly promised more equal opportunity for the children of Australia – by making the school industry accountable. A public relations camouflage job has long kept the

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History vs Indoctrination

Heide Meldau (Age, August 9) says the teaching of politics always contains a political statement as well.  This favourite slogan of recent academics is a half-truth, which is nevertheless used to justify full-on indoctrination of students by selecting just those bits

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Control Freaks After the Kids

It is a worry that the Victorian Education Ministry wants legislation enabling them to control home-schoolers however they see fit. They want new powers over the people – drafted by their own regulation rather than by parliamentary debate. Don’t be hypnotised

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Congratulations to the Secondary Schools and their communities which manage to place school-leavers in employment or further study, rather than in dole queues. This is an investment of effort which deserves to be praised and encouraged.

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Victorian Independent Education Union (VIEU)

You have given plenty of space (last week) to the Victorian Independent Education Union (VIEU), arguing for more regulation of independent schools. Give me a little space to defend schools like ours against this awful prospect. The glaring question the

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AN OPEN SUBMISSION to The Review of the Registered Schools Board

AN OPEN SUBMISSION to The Review of the Registered Schools Board 10 August 2003 by Philip O’Carroll PERSONAL BACKGROUND My wife Faye Berryman and I founded our school in 1976. We spend no more than the state sector does on