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The Easy Target

Dear Editor It’s distressing to read about commercial builders knowingly constructing homes doomed to fail (Builder victims, Age, 31 May). And doubly distressing to learn that the Victorian Building Authority is ineffective in cleaning up the industry. And triply distressing


Sent to the Australian, the Age and the Herald-Sun Dear Editor, I am sorry, but I do not trust the ABS scheme to collect names and addresses along with the data in the coming census. I have three reasons to


I think we have made a mistake in promoting the reporting of citizen by citizen in the 1800 LITTER campaign. Phone the authorities to report where a pile of litter is, certainly. But actively encouraging people to identify their neighbour

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Tax Man, Show Mercy

The government has often expressed a wish to spare us stressful and pointless red tape. There is a clear case that affects a great many people. I am referring to having to declare interest on bank accounts in tax returns.

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Vexatious Revenue Raising

The State government’s increased harvest in speeding fines, made possible by reducing the “error” margin to only 3kph, will not only cause resentment, but also driver stress and road accidents. Car speed fluctuates constantly with road contours, and already drivers

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Right of Appeal

I support Dimity Reed’s position(Age 28/2) that the Appeals Tribunal (VCAT) is vital. The only two times my wife and I have dealt with our (outer suburban) council, we’ve ended up at VCAT just to secure very ordinary human rights

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Revenue Raising

NSW has been on the 50 kph road limit while Vic has been on the 60 kph, but NSW has had much the worse road toll. So don’t think this speed reduction is any magic cure. In Melbourne’s wider, flatter

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The Rise of Bureaucracy

Australians are a tolerant people.  That’s why this is such a great place to live.  But if you push them too far, they will eventually fight back. Australians fought and died to defend a quality of life called freedom.  Their

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New Bureaucratic Elite

Government services have been reduced.  It’s called “user pays”.  Fines and charges have increased in type, frequency and severity.  Public assets have been sold off.  Yet taxes have not come down. The total “take” from citizens must have grown massively. 

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50 Km/Hr Speed Limit

I am worried about the proposed 50 km/h speed limit on residential roads. There are already thousands of cases of traffic fines, often automatic camera fines, where responsible drivers are being penalised for nothing. Most residential streets are empty of traffic,

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Who Can Ban?

I disagree with Kim Bainbridge (14/12) that the government is “guilty” in allowing the sale of cigarettes. I don’t smoke, but the government cannot ban lifestyles unless there is strong support from the people – as with heroin.  There are many

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