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To the Australian, the Age and the Herald-Sun Dear Editor, Our civilisation is making a step forward in including LGBTQIA people as deserving of the same rights and acceptance as other citizens.  But there is still a letter missing –

Women On The Front Line

Many women in the defence forces do an excellent job, but women on the very front line is a bad idea.  Sure, there may be some women who are tough enough for it.  But in extreme moments, men are hard-wired to protect

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Violence Against Women

CIVILISATION and REALITY   I am all for prohibiting men from physically attacking women.  But I disagree with what I’ve read about training boys at school to the effect that women are always innocent victims.  If what you’re teaching is

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Facts vs Values

Feminists in their enthusiasm sometimes give faulty education to young women. A recent letter says, “What a woman chooses to wear has nothing to do with her falling victim to a rapist”. This is bad advice. Yes, I agree with

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Female Sex Organ

Yes, Pamela Bone, you are absolutely right (Age, Jan 28) in pointing out that men’s strongest swear word denotes the female sex organ. But I don’t think there’s much point in wagging the finger and denouncing the “sexism” involved. It’s

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The Status Of Women

Progress means improving the quality of life of the human individual.  Our civilisation has managed to open up opportunities for women that never existed before.  We must not lose this ground. We are going through a phase now where the

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Truth vs Compassion

I am responding to Kay O’Sullivan’s article (Herald-Sun 5/8/00) on the battle of the sexes.  I agree with most of what she says.  But I urge that compassion not be used as an excuse to hide truth  —  in debate

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