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History vs Indoctrination

To The Age        Thursday, August 10, 2006

Heide Meldau (Age, August 9) says the teaching of politics always contains a political statement as well.  This favourite slogan of recent academics is a half-truth, which is nevertheless used to justify full-on indoctrination of students by selecting just those bits of history which exemplify favourite left issues such as racism, sexism and classism.  This is not teaching history as such.  It is teaching an ideology.

There is factual history.  And our young need to know it.  Else they will be dumbfounded by future events and easily diverted from reality by orators who press the buttons they acquired as students.

For one obvious example, several wars occurred last century.  Tens of millions died violently.  Old empires ended.  New empires were formed, some for a few years, others for decades.  The young need to know that from time to time, rulers will seek to expand their territory.   Sometimes one has to fight or surrender – or worse, fight and surrender.

How can we justify not informing the young of these basic facts of life? 

Philip O'Carroll